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Enabling every child to flourish in their potential as a child of God

Welcome to our school - small enough for everyone to count... and big enough to make a difference!

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to St Michael’s School, a place where every child is unique, yet being different is what we all share in common.

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One of my favourite poems is ‘I Have Learned’, by Maya Angelou. I would like to use this opportunity to share my reflections on what we, at St Michael’s, have learned over the years…

At St Michael’s, we have learned that children only have one experience at primary school and therefore we want that experience to be the very best.

We have learned that we should celebrate mistakes and see them as learning opportunities… and if you don’t know it, it only means you don’t know it yet.

We have learned that being a Church of England School gives us a distinctive character and a platform for our school values to underpin our caring ethos.

We have learned that our ambition and commitment in pursuit of the highest possible academic standards are important, but good personal and moral values are essential to the development of a resilient, kind and well-adjusted citizen in today’s world.

We have learned that effort, hard work and a positive attitude lead to progress and progress should be celebrated.

We have learned that we can instil a love for learning in our children if school is a safe place where children feel accepted, included and confident to tackle challenges.

We have learned that learning new content is good, but experiencing it is so much better – and so much more memorable!

We have learned that we need to give the children collaborative learning opportunities because sometimes they learn better from their peers than from their teachers!

We have learned that when we compete, we do so with the determination to win, but we are gracious when we lose.

We have learned that education is a partnership between home and school and that children flourish when their parents are active partners in our school’s development.

We have learned that we should all strive to be the best we can be.

Finally, we have learned, like Maya Angelou, that we still have a lot to learn and will never stop reflecting on the best means to enable our children to flourish in their potential.

Ms Gillespie
Acting Headteacher


New Headteacher - the governors are delighted to announce that Ms Gillespie (currently acting Headteacher) has been appointed as the permanent Headteacher with effect from 1st January 2022. Please see more details in the letter to parents (click here).

Our Nursery is open, more information and application forms can be found on our Nursery page under the 'School Information' tab.

Job Opportunity - After School Club Assistant - casual. See our staffing page for more details - follow this link.

There are special arrangements in place regarding visitors to the school during the continuation of Coronavirus controls/restrictions - please see our special visitor policy here.

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Open Mornings for parents of children starting Reception in September 2022 will be held at 9.15am on Tuesday 9th November 2021 and at 9.15am on Wednesday 10th November 2021.

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