St Michael's
Church of England Primary School

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Our vision is for every child to live an abundant life (John 10.10)

Faith Groups

  • Faith Committee
  • Children's Faith Group

Mark 28:19

"So go and make followers of people in the world."

Faith Committee

The Faith Committee is responsible to ensure that the distinctiveness and effectiveness of a church school is maintained and enhanced.  They monitor and support the spiritual and moral development of our children and staff.  At the beginning of each year they help devise the programme of collective worship and the RE curriculum, and monitor the quality of RE teaching.

The Committee consists of the Headteacher, the RE leader, the vicar, the school chaplain and link governors. 

Activities of the Faith Group have included:

  • To keep under review the SIAMS self-evaluation toolkit
  • To monitor and evaluate the Christian distinctiveness, alongside the Children’s Faith Group, by conducting pupil interviews, book-looks and ethos walks.
  • To keep under review the policies and RE and Collective Worship and advise on the implementation of these policies.
  • To foster and develop links between the church and the school.
  • To keep the Governing Body informed of the above.

Children's Faith Group

Being a member of the Faith Group means give the children an opportunity to be leader within the school community and to promote and maintain the school’s Christian ethos.  The members are Year 2 to Year 6 children, democratically elected.   The Year 6 members of the group also act as the Prayer Leaders in the school

Activities of the Faith Group include:

  • To be ambassadors and actively promote the Christian Values
  • To lead the beginning and the end of every Collective Worship and to plan and partly lead church services, such as Harvest, Easter, Pentecost.  To fully lead the Bible Stories Collective Worships on Thursdays.
  • To be in charge of the prayer corners in each class and to bring the prayer boxes to the church service on Tuesdays, where the children’s prayers are dedicated to God
  • Alongside the Faith Committee, to monitor the effectiveness of Collective Worship and the Religious Education Curriculum in the school
  • To organise and to run fundraising events for chosen charities