St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Enabling every child to flourish in their potential as a child of God.


The school takes a great pride in its school uniform and all children are expected to observe it. Staff and Governors ask for parents’ co-operation in carrying out the school uniform policy. All clothing and other items (e.g. bags, lunchboxes, etc.) must be clearly labelled with the child’s name.


Winter/All Year
School tie
Plain navy blue v-neck jumper with school logo – no fleeces or sweatshirts (available from school)
Black shoes with sensible fastenings, not trainers – no heels and no boots (the ankle is uncovered except Wellington boots when appropriate because of the weather)
Navy blue blazer with the school badge (optional)
A plain navy blue or plain black coat with no decorations or motifs.
In the cold weather, navy blue tights, navy blue or black hats, gloves and scarves may be worn. There is a school navy blue hat with the St Michael’s crest which can be purchased from the school office.
A St. Michael’s school backpack.
Navy blue skirt, pinafore dress or plain navy blue trousers
White blouse
White socks
Grey trousers or shorts
White shirt
Grey socks
Summer (summer options can only be worn from Easter until Autumn half term)
Navy blue or brown sandals may be worn – no open toes or sling-back heels School caps which can be purchased from the school office
Dresses with light blue and white checks. In the Juniors, girls may wear short-sleeved white blouses
Boys may wear grey shorts and white polo shirts.
Black plimsolls or plain black/plain white trainers for outdoor sports
Navy blue tracksuit
Navy blue (plain) shorts
Plain T shirt in your child’s House colour with school badge - available from school
A named bag to put them in.
Hair should be tied back if it is shoulder length or longer.
Hair decorations should be navy blue or white.


The school stocks most of the special items.

Price List

(items available to purchase from the school office)

Item Price
Fleece-lined medium-weight showerproof coat Available in sizes: 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12
Fleece-lined medium-weight showerproof coat Available in sizes: 13
Jumper - knitted acrylic v-neck (all sizes: 24" chest to 40" chest)
Acrylic knitted hat (all sizes)
Cap (summer use)
School Bag (Backpack - Junior)
School Bag (Backpack infants)
P.E. Bag
Water bottle
PE T-Shirts (all sizes up to 14/15 in House colours)
PE Shorts - all sizes
Ties (ordinary 39" or 45")
Ties - elasticated
Badge for blazers (sew-on)

School Houses

The school is organised into four different houses. When your child enters the school, they will be placed in a house. Our houses are named after people who were of significant interest in 1871, the year our school was founded.

Wright (blue)

Named after the American, brother pioneer aviators Orville and Wilbur Wright, Orville Wright being born in 1871. The brothers are credited with inventing and building the World’s first successful aeroplane and making the first controlled, powered and sustained heavier-than-air human flight in December 1903.

Nightingale (red)

Named after the nurse, Florence Nightingale, who did such pioneering work with wounded soldiers in the Crimean War and the Franco-Prussian war, which ended in 1871.

Livingstone (green)

Named after the famous Victorian explorer David Livingstone who was found in 1871 by fellow explorer Stanley after having been considered lost and presumed dead in Africa.

Patteson (yellow)

Named after Bishop John Coleridge Patteson, a missionary in the Polynesian islands who was killed in 1871 having being mistaken by native islanders as a slave trader. Having realised their mistake, they accorded a traditional island ‘burial’ to Bishop Patteson setting his body in a canoe to return to his ship. The islanders subsequently established a very devout Christian community.

Every year house captains get chosen from the Year 6 class. Their duties include setting up the school hall between 8.45 and 8.55 am and helping during special event days as well as helping at the end of dinnertime. They are also responsible for collecting house points from the classes on a Friday and announcing the weekly winners during assembly.

All children can earn house points through general good behaviour and good deeds throughout the week; the winning house is awarded the shield at the end of each week.

We encourage healthy competition at events such as inter-house spellathons, our annual sports days and interschool sport challenges, e.g. speed bouncing or skipping.

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