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Curriculum & Homework

St Michael’s Creative Curriculum

Foundation Stage consists solely of reception class at St Michael’s. The curriculum the children learn is based on the Areas of Learning and Development set by the Early Years Framework. The learning in reception class is planned around the following areas: 3 Prime Areas: Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Physical Development; Communication and Language and 4 Specific areas: Literacy; Maths; Understanding the world; Expressive Arts and Design.

We deliver the New 2014 National Curriculum to the children, but this is done in meaningful and creative contexts where the children can relate their learning to real life. The children are asked to communicate their learning and evaluate whether they have achieved the objectives. They receive concrete feedback so they can act on this and improve their learning. The Curriculum is arranged into topics and even though “some” learning will be discrete, most subjects are taught in a cross curricular way.

To see an overview of the 2014 Curriculum plan and the relevant standards for each year group across the school, please click here (pdf)

Teaching & Learning Statement and Assessment Schedule

St Michael's school has a comprehensive statement detailing how Teaching and Learning is delivered and a schedule of how assessments are made. You can see the statement here (click for pdf)


Children are generally expected to do a set amount of work each week. Teachers will let parents know what day homework should be completed.


Children will be asked to read their book at home at least three times a week, but preferably every night. They can change their books in school as often as they wish. It is the school’s aim to change books in Reception and at the beginning of Year 1 three times a week.


Spellings to be handed out Mondays and tested on Thursdays. In Reception and Year 1 children will be given sound strings and word strings to learn.


Year 1 – Year 6: Big Maths Beat That test on Fridays
Children must sign onto at home at least once a week (the teacher will provide the passwords). Teachers will set specific tasks for the children and will monitor whether they complete their activities. Timestables and Learn Its will be given to practise for the test on Fridays.
Children in Year 5 and 6 will continue to receive worksheets to help them prepare for their SATS tests.

Weekly homework

Homework should generally be science and topic related and “project” and research type homework. Children should take pride in the quality of the information and their presentation skills with their projects.

Year 6

Children in Year 6 will receive a range of types of homework to help them prepare for their SATS tests. The other year groups must please avoid giving worksheet type homework.


Holiday homework is usually reading, mathletics and having fun!

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