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Accident & illness during the school day

If your child has a specific medical problem let us know so that we are aware of their needs and we can draw up a healthcare plan. If you are at all concerned about your child’s health and welfare please tell the Headteacher or Inclusion Manager.

We will not be able to administer any medicines to children. If a child needs to finish a course of antibiotics, parents are welcome to come into school at lunchtime to administer it. We do administer asthma inhalers for those children who need them. The inhalers should be clearly labelled with the child’s name, class and the dosage.

If your child has a slight accident in school they will be attended to by one of our trained First Aiders. We do not apply ointments or lotions in case of allergy or reaction. All accidents are investigated and recorded. We always try to notify parents if an accident has occurred either personally or by a note, particularly if there has been a bump to the head or the face.

Unfortunately sometimes more serious accidents occur in schools and in the event it is vital that we get in contact with a parent or guardian as quickly as possible so that the child may be taken to hospital. Please make sure that we have a telephone number where you may be contacted, and at least two emergency contact numbers. Our records must always be kept up to date, so please keep us informed of any changes, however temporary.

If your child is ill at school we will contact you or the emergency person for them to be taken home. We will always send a child home if they have vomited, have an upset stomach or if they have a temperature. If we discover a child has headlice in school, we will ask that you take your child home until you have administered the appropriate treatment.

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