St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Enabling every child to flourish in their potential as a child of God.

Staff – who’s who (See foot of page for current vacancies)

Our headteacher is Riana Gouws, she is assisted by three other senior members of staff who together form the Senior Management Team which leads the school.

Miss Asante
Riana Gouws
Eunice Asante
Inclusion Manager

Ms J Gillespie
David Howland
Jacqui Gillespie
  Deputy Headteacher
Rev'd David Howland
School Business Manager

A full list of the staff and their principal responsibilities is shown below:

Headteacher Riana Gouws
Deputy Headteacher
Jacqui Gillespie

Inclusion Manager/SENCO
Eunice Asante
Dionne Paul
Reception Class
Amanda Matthews
Year 1
Ashley Aldridge
Year 2

Joyce Obels
Year 3
Colleen Leo-Kelly
Year 4 - Emerald
Alison Harrison and
Jacqui Gillespie
Year 4- Sapphire
Jocelyn Kajubi
Year 5 
Paulette Johnson
Year 6
Richard Studd PPA

Administrative Support David Howland (Rev'd)
School Business Manager
Alison Kemp Admin Manager
Carole Pendleton Admin Assistant - Infants
Claire Gayle
Admin Assistant- Juniors
Teaching Assistants Angie Brailey Kay Burrows
Carol Colling Sue Ferguson
Nikki Ferris
Anne Jeffery
Tracey Reid
Louisa Miller

Teaching Assistants
(One to one support)
Jess Smith

Midday  Supervisors - Infants
Anne Jeffery (Supervisor) Carole Pendleton
Stuart Williams

Midday Supervisors - Juniors

Sue Ferguson (Supervisor) Shannel Gadd
Sarah Hukporti-Kaba Catherine Jones
Kim Whitmore

Premises Paul Moger
Premises Officer
(Cleaners) May Nunn
Mary Lourdras
Soosai Lourdras Stephan Lourdras
Current Vacancies
None at present

Current Vacancies
None at present

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